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Information Design,

Information Design,

Training, & Marketing

Training, & Marketing

Making solutions understandable

for everyone.

Film, video, animation, sound.

No digital transformation is complete without the ability to easily understand and use the information that comes from it.

Whether it’s understandable information design, an intuitive user interface, an interactive training program, or any other media solution, ADAK Digital does not forget that final step in making your experience complete. Whether you need web apps, phone apps, interactive video, or traditional video services, we will deliver.

Media Beyond Digital Transformations:

For those looking for stand-alone media services, ADAK Digital multimedia will professionally produce programs to fill your public relations, training, or marketing needs.

Our VP of Media Solutions, Eric Patrick, is a Guggenheim Fellow with over 30 years of experience in all aspects of media arts. His independent films have been shown at over 200 events, receiving awards at many, as well as receiving grants from NIH and Chicago Digital Media Production Fund to produce educational videos. Samples of his publicly available work are linked below.

Select samples of publicly available work include:

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User Interface and training is the key to a successful upgrade in your business. ADAK Digital is your partner in creating making the most of your data.